Yoga teacher

About Ashley

Ashley is a devoted yogi who loves connecting with others in the community of healing. She is extremely passionate about educating people to express their emotions in a healthy way, and is more than thrilled to offer classes that gives the opportunity for others to speak their truth. Ashley believes the more open we are to authenticity, the more the collective consciousness of the planet will rise.

Yoga Journey

With an athletic coaching background, Ashley thought yoga would be a walk in the park. As she deepened her practice, she came to find out that she had never truly challenged herself more than she did while on the mat.  She realized yoga isn’t about the movement so much as it is the relationship you come to develop with yourself.  She came to yoga initially to find inner silence & left with an expansive understanding of how to heal herself from the inside-out.

Ashley started practicing yoga back in 2014 and deepened her practice in Costa Rica where she was certified. She initially gravitated toward yoga for the stretching and fitness benefits and came to realize the amazing healing powers it offered for the mind, body and soul.

Background & Experience

Ashley was formally trained in the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica, where she spent two months immersing herself in the culture of the land. She draws inspiration from the medicine workers of South America, as she deeply connects with the reverence & love the natives hold for the planet & all of her beings. She has learned the greatest lessons from those who do not call themselves “teachers”.

Ashley has been practicing for many years now, and really started diving deep this past year in 2021 where she fully immersed herself in the culture of yoga. She started off teaching friends and family, then broadened her healing to studios.

She is certified in her 200 hour Teacher Training, 100 hour Yin/Restorative Yoga & Meditation, and is a Certified Personal Trainer.

Yoga Classes with Ashley

Compassion and gentleness. She believes that in states of safety and unconditional love that healing is found.  Her teaching style is very inviting and accepting, allowing her students to feel comfortable and safe enough to do the inner work on the mat.

She holds space for those ready & willing to do the inner work on themselves.  She incorporates knowledge from her own life experiences.  She strives to make each class personal so it can feel both approachable & relatable.  She invites her students to focus primarily on the experience that each asana brings them, as she believes every yoga body will look & feel different in each posture. She stands behind each individual’s journey & offers alternative variations so all her students can feel best while pushing towards one’s own individual threshold.  She looks forward to sharing a part in your journey!  <3 Namaste.

Fun Facts

  • If Ashley  were to give her yoga practice one word, what would it be?
  • What is Ashley’s  favorite yoga pose and why?
    Ashley enjoys pigeon because it allows her to release emotions that are stored in the hips in a healthy way.
  • What is Ashley’s Super Power?
  • What song can Ashley hear on repeat?
    Toadlick by East Forest
  • What is Ashley’s favorite snack?
    Plantain chips
  • When Ashley is not teaching yoga, where can you find her?
    Dancing to music