Yoga teacher

Yoga Journey

Cassidy’s journey into healing and space holding began as a nurse. Her days were mostly spent tending to and coordinating care plans for patients diagnosed with chronic illness and other health disorders- extending comfort measures, medication passing, wound care… She was truly grateful to be of service in this role, however, early on she began to witness and feel within her heart a deep longing to aid in the healing process, deeper still. Cassidy grew increasingly aware that healing is a lifelong practice, not simply accomplished by “modern medicine” alone. In her patient assessments she noticed a pattern of deeply rooted/buried, and sometimes long term, trauma, stress, grief, depression, and anxiety. She began incorporating forms of holistic health and yogic tools in her patient care- essential oils, meditation, breathwork, and more. In 2017 a birth to twins would gift her one of the most important lessons of her life, Faith. An unconditional belief that you are perfect and whole while ever-changing and growing. Rather than returning to work at the hospital, she answered her heart & Spirit’s call and completed her 200 hour training with Yogaworks senior teachers Alicia Cheung & Oliver Reinsch in Bali, Indonesia. Cassidy went on to study prenatal and postpartum yoga (RPYT) with doula and French-American woman’s advocate, Alexandra Rossi in San Francisco, CA, traveled to the mountains of New Mexico to immerse fully into Breathwork Healing with her teacher, David Elliott, spent transformative time in Guatemala learning about and deepening relationship with ceremonial cacao alongside mentor Keith Wilson, and much more! Through the powerful combination of these healing modalities and her deeply woven, illuminated and awakened Intuitive Spirit & Heart-led Purpose, she too experienced re-birth!

Yoga Classes with Cassidy

Through the teachings of yoga, meditation, ACIM, cacao, breathwork, marriage & motherhood, Cassidy has developed a deep understanding of compassion, love, and the value of living our full expression. Her classes and sessions incorporate thought-provoking themes, intuitive healing, sound medicine tools, and empowering soulful flow. She wholeheartedly invites you to come as you are- Breathe, Be, and LET YOUR SOUL BE SEEN!

Fun Facts

  • If Cassidy were to give her yoga practice one word, what would it be?
    REMEMBRANCE! Remembrance that, IT’S ALL RIGHT HERE – The “highs”, the “lows” and everything in-between… applying no hierarchy of experience, internal or external. Zoom out wide enough and you will find that it’s ALL curriculum, all serving individual + collective growth, the Highest Good, the Highest Healing, Now.
  • Favorite yoga pose and why:
    Favorite yoga pose is child’s pose. It is in this pose that Cassidy connects intimately and humbly with Mother Earth, whispering gratitudes for the privilege that is to BE HERE NOW in our sweet Earth School.
  • What is Cassidy’s Superpower?
  • What song can Cassidy hear on repeat?
    Blessed We Are by Peia
  • What is Cassidy’s favorite snack?
    Hummus & Tabouli Salad (A close tie with chips & salsa like Michelina! LOL)
  • When Cassidy is not teaching yoga, where can you find her?
    Homeschooling her sweet little ones, anywhere outside in the SUN (barefoot most days!), loving/laughing/learning/dancing/co-holding space alongside with her husband Beau, traveling and continuing her own innerwork journey, reading and relaxing at the sauna (Shoutout to Renew Holistics), training/boxing with Coach Nikki at Babecave SCV… and gathering with Beloved Friends and Family as much as she possibly can :).