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Yoga teacher

Yoga Journey, Background, & Experience

Coming from a background of being a personal trainer for 7 years, Gabriel sought out to learn and experience formal yoga teaching from School Yoga Institute in the vast jungles of Costa Rica, completing his 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.  It was on this sacred land that he was able to immerse himself and be guided to bridge the gap between the mind, body, and spirit.  In essence this is what he believes yoga is at its core. It is the connection and union of the three.  Gabriel’s passion comes from infusing his studies of ancient Indigenous cultures from South America and yoga to unlock aspects of consciousness, reconnect with the self, and reveal our inner peace.  He strives each day to take what he has cultivated on the mat, off the mat as well, and into each class he teaches.

Yoga Classes with Gabriel

Gabriel describes his yoga class as moving our energy. As sensations are felt throughout the body in stillness and movement, you will begin to release tension as well as emotion, thus gaining clarity in each pose.

His mantra is, “Rather than trying to fit into a pose, allow the pose to fit into you.”

When coming to his class it is the time to build a relationship with your body and honor where it is at.  No pose will look the same for everyone and it is perfect that way.  He invites his students to come out of the hustle and bustle of their daily routine to bring themselves back into a state of presence.

Fun Facts

  • If Gabriel were to give his yoga practice one word, what would it be?
  • What is Gabriel’s favorite yoga pose and why?
    Gabriel loves Wild Thing because it combines a backbend, hip opener, side body stretch, and more into one pose.  It is playful, fun, yet strong.
  • What is Gabriel’s Super Power?
    Cooking :p
  • What song can Gabriel hear on repeat?
    10 Laws by East Forest
  • What is Gabriel’s favorite snack?
    Mango slices
  • When Gabriel is not teaching yoga, where can you find him?
    At the beach or a hiking trail with his best friend Corgi named Haru!