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Yoga teacher

About Michelle

Michelle is a native SoCal girl who loves travel, nature, movement, dancing, natural health, plants, animals, and life!

Yoga Journey

Michelle started practicing yoga 10 years ago and was completely hooked. She was going through a rough time and yoga opened up a door of healing and presence that she so deeply needed in her life at that time.  She knew that it was going to become a part of her everyday life and it did.

She began practicing with YouTube yoga videos and meditating.  She immediately started to feel the positive effects.  She would attend classes and go to the only local studio in Santa Clarita at the time, along with local gyms to continue to deepen her practice.

Michelle then felt the call to teach and held impromptu yoga sessions for friends and family.  She felt so aligned doing it.  She knew she wanted to become certified and teach officially! In 2019 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Thailand in vinyasa style yoga and was so excited to share this practice back home.

She went into teaching private lessons, and kids yoga at a local preschool and felt so embodied in her purpose. After that she landed in Brazil and was teaching at a Surf Hostel while also practicing daily to again, dive deeper, and learn more about yoga as a way of life.

Coming back to the US she continued teaching private lessons and then eventually landed her first studio job! She is so happy to be in studio spaces mainly now as my way of offering yoga to her community.  She is forever grateful to have this beautiful philosophy in my life and even more grateful that she gets to help others receive its teachings as well.

Background & Experience

Michelle started her yoga journey in 2012 and has been practicing daily ever since. She has been teaching for about 6 years but officially certified for 3 years. She has studied the 8 limbs of yoga extensively and continues to be a student.  She loves vinyasa, and hatha style.  She hopes to go to India soon to complete a 300 hr teacher training :).

Yoga Classes with Michelle

Expect a fun, and intuitive class truly led from the heart! Michelle believes that yoga is all about listening to the body, which is always communicating to us.  She likes to challenge students but always offers variations so they may flow to their ability.  Michelle aims to leave her students feeling peaceful, strong, and grounded in their bodies after a flow with her.  She hopes to inspire enjoyment and bliss in your individual practice.

Fun Facts

  • If Michelle were to give her yoga practice one word, what would it be?
  • What is Michelle’s  favorite yoga pose and why?
    Michelle would have to say natarajasana/ dancer’s pose because you can always find her doing it! But also, it feels so good in her body and is such a fun pose to find strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • What is Michelle’s Super Power?
    Her ability to be open minded
  • What song can Michelle hear on repeat?
    Shambala by Three Dog Night
  • What is Michelle’s favorite snack?
    She LOVES a good acai bowl
  • When Michelle is not teaching yoga, where can you find her?
    Out with her bare feet on the Earth, dancing, singing, swimming in the ocean, or playing with her dog; truly the things that make her the happiest in this life!