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Yoga teacher

Yoga Journey

What fascinates Annelie about yoga is the potential of healing from within and the opportunity to transform.   She feels any time when we flow through movement, breath and stillness we have the possibility to create a deep connection with ourselves and find peace within.

Annelie teaches Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga, that ranges from beginner to advanced. She offers additional specialized workshops on Mindfulness, Meditation, Chakra Balancing and Yoga Nidra.
From music to the stillness of silence – Annelie experiences yoga as a dance with life.

Background & Experience

Annelie De Fazio has accumulated more than 6000 teaching hours with 15 years of experience. She is E-RYT500® and YACEP Certified. Additionally, she is certified in breathwork by Dr. B. Vranich. Her background is varied and includes working as a professional actor and dancer and registered nurse.

Yoga Classes with Annelie

As a yoga teacher she aspires to bring into the room a sense of lightness, calm and peace in which students can find a place to work with confidence and ease. Annelie loves to share her passion and insights about life and Yoga, and she invites each student to tap into his/her own capacity to explore and to experience improved health and wellbeing through poses and breath work, combined with meditation and relaxation.

Fun Facts

  • If Annelie were to give her yoga practice one word, what would it be?
    Two words: Healing and Freedom.
  • What is Annelie’s favorite yoga pose and why?
    Favorite yoga pose is Easy Seated Pose – Sukhasana. The pose makes Annelie feel rooted and grounded. It’s a pose she does daily, and it resets her body and mind letting her reconnect with my breath.
  • What is Annelie’s Super Power?
  • What song can Annelie hear on repeat?
    For now Song: “Solo” by Matteo Bocelli but it will always change…
  • What is Annelie’s favorite snack?
  • When Annelie is not teaching yoga, where can you find her?
    You can find Annelie at a bookstore, a museum, a dance performance, in a dance class, enjoying time with family and friends. Studying, taking courses in yoga, meditation, coaching and much more.