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Yoga teacher

About Grace

Grace is originally from Reno, NV and moved out here to be with her now fiancé, Carlos. She is finishing up her Bachelor’s of psychology and would like to someday be able to do yoga therapy.
When she is not working in school, teaching yoga, or serving at a restaurant she loves to travel.
Grace enjoys a very full and active life, but yoga is definitely her favorite part.

Yoga Background & Journey

Her yoga journey started in her childhood home when her mom would put on a VHS and flow in the living room. From there she took classes in high school and then found her own love for it at home and followed yoga videos on YouTube. While her teaching experience really comes from ballroom, when COVID forced her to get creative she decided to begin teaching yoga. She figured her own practice and love for the craft could be translated into a more formal entity, and then officially became a 200 hour certified yoga instructor in Joshua Tree in January 2023 with the focus being Hatha/Vinyasa style flow. In order to stay consistent with her own practice, Grace loves to take hot yoga flows and continues her training daily.

Yoga Classes with Grace

Grace loves to stick to a more traditional form of yoga, while also infusing it with more modern-day Pilates style exercises. She has so much fun creating dynamic flows with lots of breath to movement connection, and will give her students the opportunity to push themselves while also making sure they feel confident in their abilities. Her goal is to make sure her student’s souls feel nourished not only on the mat, but after they leave the studio as well. All of her classes are tailored to the skills of every single person that attends, and she prides herself in making sure the classes are fun, yet still respect the classical beauty of yoga.

Fun Facts

  • If Grace were to give her yoga practice one word, what would it be?
  • What is Grace’s  favorite yoga pose and why?
    Half moon/Ardha Chandrasana – there are so many fun transitions that can lead one in and
    out of this pose.
  • What is Grace’s Super Power?
    Two superpowers!…Perseverance and Creative Problem Solving
  • What song can Grace hear on repeat?
    Sade in the 90s by Qveen Herby
  • What is Grace’s favorite snack?
    Dill pickle chips from Trader Joe’s
  • When Grace is not teaching yoga, where can you find her?
    You can find Grace cooking/going out to eat delicious food, going to the beach, tending to her plants and aquariums, napping, or reading a
    good book.