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Yoga teacher

About Lexy

Lexy is a bit of a gypsy.  Born in Texas and on her journey through life has called Colorado, New York and California home as well.  She loves to go on adventures, connecting to nature, living holistically, hugging, laughing and being in the moment.

Yoga Journey

Having discovered yoga over 30 years ago, Lexy would find herself going in and out of her practice over the years.  Moving away from it in times that she needed it most.

For her yoga represents a safe and peaceful place where she allows herself to explore and find stillness.  It’s like connecting to a source of energy that fills her up and allows for her to move through life with more grace and confidence.

It wasn’t until she got pregnant in 2011 that she made a promise to herself to always keep connected to her practice. After becoming a mama, yoga became even more important to her, and she had to make conscious efforts to not let her mama gig pull her away.   In 2019 she decided to take teacher training at her local studio as a way to carve out time for herself and deepen her practice. That led to her becoming a yoga teacher and eventually managing a yoga studio.

Along her journey she discovered a true passion in teaching Restorative and Yin Yoga.  She went on to study with Judith Hanson Lasater and Paul Grilley.  She is also a Sound Healer, Master Reiki Practitioner, Tea Ceremonialist, Herbalist in training with School Sacred Wild, and Founded EARTH MAMA SOUND HEALING.

Yoga Classes with Lexy

It’s Lexy’s hope that from the moment you enter her class you feel a warm and welcoming vibe.  Her classes are accessible to all, meeting you right where you are.  Being a Restorative and Yin Yoga Teacher, you can expect her classes to remind each person to honor where they are as she gently guides you offering variations and encouraging you to discover the beauty of using props and exploring.

Fun Facts

  • If Lexy were to give her yoga practice one word, what would it be?
  • What is Lexy’s  favorite yoga pose and why?
    3 favorites: Tree/Vrksasana – during tree Lexy finds true balance and expansion. Pigeon/Kapotasana/Sleeping Swan – she finds herself melting into the earth and a calm feeling always flows through her. Dancer/Natarajasana demands her presence, full focus, consciously connects Lexy to her energy flow and allows her to receive challenge.
  • What is Lexy’s Super Power?
    Always finding her path
  • What song can Lexy hear on repeat?
    Colorado by Milky Chance
  • What is Lexy’s favorite snack?
    3 favorites: Coconut yogurt with honey, olives, and pickles
  • When Lexy is not teaching yoga, where can you find her?
    In her Kitchen aka Apothecary creating goodness for her family, in her my garden conversing with plant spirits and sipping tea, homeschooling her son, sharing sound healing vibes, and most evenings cuddling with her boys and kitties.