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Yoga teacher

About Lindsay

Lindsay was born and raised on Orange County, CA. After graduating from college up in the San Francisco Bay Area, she settled in Los Angeles and began a 10 year career in the Entertainment Industry. It was during that fast paced period in her life, she met her future husband. Together they have lived in Santa Clarita for 12 years where they share two children and one cat.

Yoga Journey

Lindsay’s yoga journey began 20 year ago, when she decided to try out a class in college. One of her roommates suggested it to help her manage the stress of finals and college life. She left that class feeling both energized and peaceful, and began to understand the connections between mind, body and breath. Since that class, she has found herself returning to the mat, especially during life’s most stressful periods. Lindsay has learned over the years that yoga is such an expansive practice, more like a lifestyle, that goes far beyond the asanas that we typically associate with yoga. She enjoys exploring all of the different branches of the yoga practice, including pranayama and meditation. She believes there is always something new to learn in yoga, which is one of the reasons she loves the practice so much.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down.”
– Dr. Jigar Gor

Background & Experience

Lindsay has been practicing yoga intermittently for 20 years, but really began practicing consistently in 2020. When the opportunity presented itself for Lindsay to earn her RYT-200 certification through a Yoga-Alliance approved program, she jumped at the chance.  Lindsay has benefitted and transformed so much through her own practice and loves sharing the joys of yoga with others.  Lindsay enjoys teaching Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga classes and incorporating dynamic movements, pranayama and meditation into her practices.

Yoga Classes with Lindsay

Lindsay hopes that her students leave class feeling stronger, more grounded and more confident in their practice. Lindsay believes that each student is on their own unique yoga journey and encourages her students to have fun and challenge themselves, while also listening to their own bodies and honoring their own pace.

Fun Facts

  • If Lindsay were to give her yoga practice one word, what would it be?
    Two words – Essential and Interconnected
  • What is Lindsay’s favorite yoga pose and why?
    Three Favorites! Dancer’s Pose/Natarajasana for heart opening and challenging balance. Warrior II/Virabhadrasana II pose for
    grounding and strength. Yogi Squat/Malasana for opening the hips.
  • What is Lindsay’s Super Power?
  • What song can Lindsay hear on repeat?
    Anything by U2 or The Rolling Stones, although her kids help keep her current with the latest Taylor Swift and other top hits.
  • What is Lindsay’s favorite snack?
    Fresh fruit, chips and salsa, trail mix, and chocolate!
  • When Lindsay is not teaching yoga, where can you find her?
    She will be outdoors – camping, hiking, watching her son’s soccer practice, or hanging by the pool. Her love of books regularly brings her to the library with her kids. Her love of food inspires her to check out new restaurants and farmers markets. She loves attending community festivals and events. She is often on the road showing property through her real estate practice.